The State Bank locations

The State Bank Office and Branch locations Page 1


Routing Number: 072403350
P O BOX 725
FENTON, MI 48430-0000

Brighton Branch

134 N First Street
Brighton, MI 48116

The State Bank

175 N. Leroy St.
Fenton, MI 48430

Fenton Mi Loan Facility

101 North Leroy Street
Fenton, MI 48430

Silver Parkway Branch

18005 Silver Parkway
Fenton, MI 48430

15095 Silver Parkway Branch

15095 Silver Parkway
Fenton, MI 48430

Grand Blanc North Branch

1401 Hill Road
Grand Blanc, MI 48439

Saginaw St. Grand Blanc

7606 South Saginaw Street
Grand Blanc, MI 48439

Linden Branch

107 North Main Street
Linden, MI 48451

Grange Hall Road Branch

4043 Grange Hall Road
Village Of Holly, MI 48442

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