Pinnacle Bank locations

Pinnacle Bank Office and Branch locations Page 1


Routing Number: 061101294
ELBERTON, GA 30635-0000

Athens Branch

3140 Lexington Road
Athens, GA 30605

Bowman Branch

1 North Broad Street
Bowman, GA 30624

North Elm Street Branch

1871 North Elm Street
Commerce, GA 30529

Covington Branch Office

2131 Washington Street
Covington, GA 30014

Pinnacle Bank

884 Elbert Street
Elberton, GA 30635

Downtown Branch

23 College Avenue
Elberton, GA 30635

Franklin Springs Branch

2311 West Main Street
Franklin Springs, GA 30639

Hartwell Branch

135 East Franklin Street
Hartwell, GA 30643

Lavonia Branch

12321 Augusta Road
Lavonia, GA 30553

Lexington Branch

114 Gilmer Street
Lexington, GA 30648

Monroe Branch

238 South Broad Street
Monroe, GA 30655

Royston Branch

861 Church Street
Royston, GA 30662

Georgia Central Bank Branch

112 North Cherokee
Social Circle, GA 30025

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